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Worst Ideas For Protecting Your Roof


If you’re like most homeowners, you’re probably constantly on the lookout for ways to protect your home. With so many different types of threats out there, it can be hard to know which ones are real. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of five common roof protection methods that are actually worse than no protection at all.

Applying roof tarps

Roof tarps can be a good idea, but only if they are done properly.

It’s important to know the weight of the tarp and how it will be anchored to your roof. If you have an older home with a low pitch roof, you may need to add additional support for your tarp in order for it not to blow off during strong winds.

Adhesive used on these tarps should also be waterproof so they don’t leak when it rains or snows (which we all know happens quite often in our area).

Power washing the roof

Power washing can damage the roof and cause leaks, which will have to be repaired. It also removes protective coating that protects against UV rays, which can cause premature aging of your shingles or even lead to them falling off prematurely.

Using strap-on roof anchors to walk directly on the roof

  • Don’t walk directly on the roof.
  • Don’t use strap-on anchors to hold down tarps, and then walk directly on them.

Solution is simple: don’t do these things! If you’re going to install a tarp or other protective covering over your home’s exterior, be sure it’s securely fastened down by professionals.

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Scraping debris off the roof with a shovel

If you have a big pile of debris on your roof, it can be tempting to try to scrape it off with a shovel. But this is not only dangerous–it’s also likely that you won’t get all of the material cleared away. 

It’s best to leave this job up to a professional roofing company who has experience working around trees and removing debris from roofs safely. If you want to do some maintenance on your own though.

A long-handled broom or rake (not a shovel) – This will allow you access where most people wouldn’t dare go without proper protection such as helmets and harnesses; however even then there is still risk involved! You could also rent these items cheaply at any hardware store nearby instead of buying them outright if need be.

  • Power washers – These aren’t always great because sometimes water gets into places where it shouldn’t go inside which can cause mold growth later down the line after everything dries out again.”

Overstuffing gutters until they overflow

Overflowing gutters is a bad idea because it can cause them to overflow. Overflowing gutters are not only wasteful, they can also cause water damage and mold. They also make it more likely that your home will develop leaks in the roof, which is just as bad as having an overflowing gutter.

Even though you want to protect your roof, it’s important to do so without causing more damage.

The first thing you should know is that tarping your roof is a bad idea. This can cause severe damage and make your problem worse, not better. The only way to protect your property from hail damage is by finding an experienced contractor.

Hire a roofer who has experience with this kind of job, as well as all types of materials and products used in roofing repairs.

You also want them to take care of any problems they find while they’re up there so that they don’t get worse over time–and trust me: If you don’t hire someone knowledgeable enough about what he’s doing.

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